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Welcome! We invite you to browse through the resources we have found most helpful in the development of our educational materials and community workshops. They are organized into the following categories (some resourses may be listed in more than one category if they are relevant):

Unintentional Injuries The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines unintentional injury as…“Injury or poisoning that is not inflicted by deliberate means. Includes those injuries and poisonings described as unintended or "accidental", regardless of whether the injury was inflicted by oneself or by another person.” Some common mechanisms or causes of unintentional injuries are motor vehicle accidents, falls and fire/burn. (WISQARS™)

Children & Fire Some fires started by children are deliberate acts designed to cause harm, many others are not. Those that are not have much in common with other causes of unintentional injury. The children and fire resources we have listed deal with both types of problems.

Older Adults & Injury Older Americans represent one of the highest fire risk populations in the U.S. Our communities, organizations and service providers must be made aware of the problem and take a proactive approach in developing preventive measures to reduce the risk of injury and death from fire in older adults.

Our Research Studies page includes references and brief descriptions of the research studies we cite most frequently in our materials and training.

In our Writer's Guide to Fire and Arson, veteran firefighter and Cause and Origin investigator Bob Crandall answers some of the most interesting questions he's gotten from writers who want to get the details right.

Check back often – we frequently add new resources we find useful. If you have suggested additions, comments or questions please contact us.