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Girl using Smart Board SMART Board Ready Fire Safety Activities for Your Classroom
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Help Mikey Make It Out
An award-winning animated online game created by Prevention 1st. Children help Mikey make the right choices to escape his home when the smoke alarm sounds.

Mikey Makes a Mess
An online version of the illustrated storybook, which students can read themselves, or hear narrated in English or Spanish.

play safe! be safe!
Interactive games and activities:

My Friend the Firefighter
Stop! Drop And Roll!
Crawl Low Under Smoke
Safe for Play! Keep Away!
Keep Away! Card Game

Spanish version
French version

Class using Smart Board“Simple, clear approach – easy for young children to understand. Lots of great teaching tips...entertaining as well as instructional.”
M. Iloa, Honolulu, HI

“We tried the activities with a 5th grade class with no prior training, just an impromptu 45 minutes. The class used the interactive teaching game "Help Mikey Make It Out" several times, and did a number of the story board activities and games from play safe! be safe! with great enthusiasm. The teacher facilitated the process lightly, with the students themselves quickly taking up the activity. The class chose the first activity leader, who in turn chose the next leader. The leader read the questions from the story board and asked the class for a response. The same process applied to the games, with the leader making choices using input from the class. The teacher noted that whenever lessons are taught using the SMARTBoard they are met with more enthusiasm and the students seem to retain more.”
Robert E. Crandall, Lt.(Ret.)